Adult World

Scott Coffey’s Adult World is an experience of being pulled down to earth. Emma Robert’s performance of a hopeful young poet with hopes of being “one of the greats,” flawlessly reflects the attitudes portrayed by our generation. The unemployed college grad idolizes Sylvia Plath and enters her work in poetry competitions in the hopes of making it big, at the expense of her parents. It is not until a jaded John Cusack, having experienced his 15 minutes of poetic fame, gives her some much needed honesty in regards to the quality of her work. Years of being told that we can do anything we put our minds to, has molded a false belief that truly all things are possible for us. The itch to be great and save the world is often amplified by movies, portraying idealistic and often unrealistic scenarios that we long to replicate. Adult World is refreshing in its honesty and blunt, sarcastic nature. Optimism is a virtue, but the harsh reality is sometimes you just aren’t quite good enough. If your poetry is mediocre, you may not be a famously celebrated poet. Even reading these words, you are probably criticizing my seemingly pessimistic outlook. That is the beauty of Adult World. Reality is real, and sometimes it isn’t beautiful and idealistic. Sometimes you’re poetry just isn’t good. Sometimes working in a rundown sex shop is more fulfilling than the dreams you once had.


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